Sunday, August 29, 2021

"Author Joseph Lanza is an expert’s expert on some of the more enigmatic corners of popular and unpopular culture… Lanza’s work is quirky and unique. His latest book Easy-Listening Acid Trip: An Elevator Ride Through ‘60s Psychedelic Pop covers a musical genre that most people have no idea even existed."

        -- Richard Metzger, Dangerous Minds

"The book is a wonderful look at the way that easy-listening and instrumental pop tried to stay vibrant in the second half of the '60s -- and it follows the way that easy artists of the time  were picking up the aesthetics of the younger generation in a variety of ways -- not just doing cover versions of songs by The Beatles and Stones, but also going for trippier artwork on their album covers, and using more unusual studio techniques in production -- all in ways that made for a huge legacy of very groovy records!" -- Dusty Groove

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